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8 11, 2016

IBM Traveler and Verse: Device Security and Administration Overview


There currently seems to be a great deal of confusion about IBM Traveler and Verse with regard to device security and administration. The necessary overview information is available from IBM, but is rather dispersed and somewhat difficult to track down in a single concise location. This document will attempt to answer some of the most

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21 09, 2016



Today it is almost impossible to imagine heading too far without without (a) possession of a smartphone; and (b) having it connected to the Internet. Smartphones have totally transformed the utility value of s mobile phone. While phones themselves are not all that new, it has been the integration of software capabilities and data that

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14 09, 2016

Was That It?


As expected, IBM came out with a series of announcements today. I already had a low set of expectations for what would be announced. But even then I still found myself profoundly disappointed with how little was actually released. Today IBM announced they were extending support for Notes & Domino to 2021. By my calculations IBM has generated

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12 09, 2016

The Future Of Your Notes Data


Since I published my article Reading The IBM Tea Leaves just over a month ago we have been involved in a lot of discussions with customers and business partners about what happens next with Notes applications. There have also been significant discussion within the community following MWLUG, an event at which IBM allowed itself to get behind

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8 09, 2016

And Its Still Only Wednesday


It seems to be getting harder and harder for technologists to stay on top of all the announcements, especially as they relate to the collaboration space. This week has been no exception with a number of major announcements being made. Monday: Skype Teams Details have started to appear  that Microsoft on are developing their own competitor

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31 08, 2016



Earlier this month Red Pill Now had the chance to introduce Kito Mann to the Lotus community when he co-presented with Keith Strickland at MWLUG - An Introduction to Web Components. JavaOne might seem a strange place for a Front End developer to attend, but Kito's background was originally in the areas of JSF and

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22 08, 2016

Why Web Components Matter


At MWLUG last week Kito Mann and Keith Strickland gave a presentation - An Introduction To Web Components. This presentation is now available on Slideshare and we hope to have a video of the session available soon.  It is now clear that Web development is moving away from server-sided development platforms such

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19 08, 2016



The Event As always MWLUG has been an awesome event thanks to the amazing efforts of Richard Moy and his team. There were many familiar faces, but there were some new faces as the mid-west slowly expands further south and further west each year to arrive in the center of Texas. This was my first

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16 08, 2016

The Lotus Position


Over the years I have had the chance to attend a lot of LUGs around the world including Engage (BLUG), Inform (AUSLUG), and of course there is MWLUG (people call me MWLUG). These events have provided me with the chance to hear from leading Notes Developers and Domino Administrators. But rarely do I get the

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