1505, 2017

Polymer and Material Design – A Roundtable Discussion from Engage 2017

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Red Pill Now’s Peter Presnell, Bob Kadrie, Keith Strickland, and Kito Mann host a roundtable discussion with attendees of Engage 2017 regarding Polymer and Material Design.   Download Podcast

805, 2017

Let’s Talk About Better Designed Apps at Engage 2017

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I can't think of a more appropriate place than Antwerp, Belgium to discuss design thinking, user experience, and UI design. For those of you who have not had the opportunity to visit Antwerp, the city is safe, the architecture designed to be beautiful and functional, built on a historically reliable foundation, and connected by an infrastructure that works -- further

2802, 2017

Our Views On Connect 2017

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Last week Devin Olson and myself had the chance to attend IBM Connect 2017 in San Francisco. It was a new venue in a new location combining some of the traditions of the past along with a few things new and different. I had the chance to hear IBM's message, discuss the events with a number of the people who

2402, 2017

Wrapping Up IBM Connect 2017 with Bob, Peter and Devin

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Red Pill Now’s Peter Presnell, Bob Kadrie and Devin Olson discuss Connect 2017 in our first ever, “conference wrap-up by podcast.” From the OGS, to the final celebration, here’s (almost) everything you need to know about the conference, and why Peter and Devin think the future looks bright for the Notes community. Download Podcast

3108, 2016


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Earlier this month Red Pill Now had the chance to introduce Kito Mann to the Lotus community when he co-presented with Keith Strickland at MWLUG - An Introduction to Web Components. JavaOne might seem a strange place for a Front End developer to attend, but Kito's background was originally in the areas of JSF and J2EE development making him well

1908, 2016


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The Event As always MWLUG has been an awesome event thanks to the amazing efforts of Richard Moy and his team. There were many familiar faces, but there were some new faces as the mid-west slowly expands further south and further west each year to arrive in the center of Texas. This was my first visit to Austin, and I