14 08, 2016

Pete Janzen: Lotus Legend

Many years ago I launched a web site called Lotus Legends that recognized the contributions made by many people inside and outside IBM to the Lotus Notes product. I retired the site after IBM announced its IBM Champions program. While both sought to provide recognition of the many contributions made by our community the two

18 07, 2016

The Pitfalls of Migration

With IBM Notes and XPages having reached an apparent end of life most companies are now giving serious thought to what they do with their Notes applications. This usually leads to a serious consideration of migrating Notes applications to another database platform such as SQL, SharePoint, SalesForce, or Mongo DB. The future of Notes Data is perhaps the

6 06, 2016

Beyond XPages

Early last year I did a presentation at several User Groups entitled "Beyond XPages". The presentation outlined an approach for building modern Web applications for Notes data that was not based upon XPages. We believe XPages has a shelf life of (at best) 5 years before companies will become very active in seeking to migrate to other development

16 11, 2015

Give It a REST Nathan

TLCC are conducting another edition of their Ask The XPages Experts experts tomorrow (10:30AM Eastern) . Red Pill Now's own Nathan T Freeman will deliver a mini-talk called Give it a REST in which he will explain how to extend Domino Access Services to build more usable REST models for your now Domino data using the OpenNTF

21 05, 2015

XPages 2.0

Thanks to TLCC and TeamStudio I had a chance last week to see the latest version of Pete Janzen's update on the latest plans for future enhancements to XPages. While we have all have probably been frustrated in the delays in getting the next version of Domino (9.0.2) to market Pete and the XPages development team

27 02, 2014

Modern Domino: REST Services

I've been doing a lot of development here lately implementing and tweaking a REST service for redpill Now to get some better performance from the service. During this evolution I've come to a few conclusions about how best to handle the delivery of data via a REST service and thought this might be useful to

27 02, 2014

Notes RNext

As we all know, it has become standard practice for IBM to refer to the next release of Notes as RNext. As engineers we usually know that the next major release coming after 7.0 is likely to be 8.0. Perhaps one of the reasons IBM is guarded about locking itself into a specific release number

24 11, 2013

Modern Domino: Booleans

When it comes to staying modern, there is almost no aspect of application development that stays still for long. That is true of even the most simple of things such as the way we represent boolean values. In this issue of Modern Domino we explore some of the newer ways Xpages can be used to