31 08, 2016



Earlier this month Red Pill Now had the chance to introduce Kito Mann to the Lotus community when he co-presented with Keith Strickland at MWLUG - An Introduction to Web Components. JavaOne might seem a strange place for a Front End developer to attend, but Kito's background was originally in the areas of JSF and

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22 08, 2016

Why Web Components Matter


At MWLUG last week Kito Mann and Keith Strickland gave a presentation - An Introduction To Web Components. This presentation is now available on Slideshare and we hope to have a video of the session available soon.  It is now clear that Web development is moving away from server-sided development platforms such

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16 08, 2016

The Lotus Position


Over the years I have had the chance to attend a lot of LUGs around the world including Engage (BLUG), Inform (AUSLUG), and of course there is MWLUG (people call me MWLUG). These events have provided me with the chance to hear from leading Notes Developers and Domino Administrators. But rarely do I get the

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27 07, 2016

Rethinking Notes


Red Pill Now has the distinct pleasure of being a Platinum sponsor for this year's MWLUG, being held in Austin, TX on August 17-19. We are also very excited that members of the Red Pill Now team have been invited to deliver a total of five sessions at this event. While IBM seems to have

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25 07, 2016

Co-Existence With Notes


In my last post I covered some of Red Pill's thinking as to why we recommend to our customers not to rush to migrate. Ultimately organizations will move away from Notes databases simply because IBM is showing no signs it has plans to invest any further in the platform and hence will eventually discontinue support. So the

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18 07, 2016

The Pitfalls of Migration


With IBM Notes and XPages having reached an apparent end of life most companies are now giving serious thought to what they do with their Notes applications. This usually leads to a serious consideration of migrating Notes applications to another database platform such as SQL, SharePoint, SalesForce, or Mongo DB. The future of Notes Data is perhaps the

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29 01, 2016

Automating REST Services For Notes Data


At Red Pill Now, we have a strong belief that the future for Notes data lies in the ability to access the data via REST services. In their wisdom IBM have decided to make REST services available for all Notes databases using Domino Data Services. Unfortunately to get DDS to run it is necessary to

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21 05, 2015

XPages 2.0


Thanks to TLCC and TeamStudio I had a chance last week to see the latest version of Pete Janzen's update on the latest plans for future enhancements to XPages. While we have all have probably been frustrated in the delays in getting the next version of Domino (9.0.2) to market Pete and the XPages development team

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5 01, 2015

Life After The Notes Client


Lotus Notes recently turned 25. Sadly its best years are now behind it. IBM has chosen to invest in other areas such as Connections, Bluemix, and Verse. The effects of this change in focus by IBM are now obvious. In 2015 the Notes client is delivering an aging portfolio of applications in an

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15 09, 2014

Modern Domino: CSJS Workflow


The Problem I've recently been doing a lot of client side javascript development and was getting frustrated with the process of adding libraries like jQuery, Select2, etc to everything. This frustration was caused by having to go download the latest version or copy/paste from a previous project into my current project. While downloading and including

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