8 09, 2016

And Its Still Only Wednesday

It seems to be getting harder and harder for technologists to stay on top of all the announcements, especially as they relate to the collaboration space. This week has been no exception with a number of major announcements being made. Monday: Skype Teams Details have started to appear  that Microsoft on are developing their own competitor

3 02, 2016

IBM Verse: Next Impressions

At IBM Connect this week IBM largely focused on its vision for its social collaboration platform Connections. Connections Next While IBM didn't say it, I couldn't help but think that IBM Verse is in the process of being totally integrated into Connections, to the point in which I am not sure if it would make

8 05, 2015

IBM Verse: First Impressions

In a yellow uniVERSE now far far away from where I live today I attended my first Lotusphere and heard of a new vision for Lotus that was called Project Vulcan. Over the years the Project Vulcan story has changed many times and some might say it has been abandoned by IBM altogether. But there

27 01, 2015

Why Verse Matters

Much of the buzz at ConnectEd has been centered around IBM Verse. I doubt this product will ever live up to the hype IBM is generating but it does have the potential to be very transformative for IBM. I didn’t fully understand this until attending the Leadership Alliance held as part of ConnectED earlier this

19 01, 2014

This Week At Red Pill

Lets take a look at the new in IT this week that caught the attention of us at Red Pill Development. 5,106 of these would be needed to deploy Notes/Domino 9.0.1  Events The anticipation is building for IBM Connect 2014. Many members of the communities have offered great tips for getting the most out of

12 01, 2014

This Week At Red Pill

Modernizing Notes Applications? Lets take a look at what's been happening in related technologies this past week. In 1956 a 5 megabyte IBM hard disk is loaded into an airplane. It weighed over 1000kg. Much of the news this week came from the annual Consumer Electronics (CES) conference at Las Vegas. Wired posted