9 08, 2017

“M” is for Modernization Rehearsal for MWLUG 2017 Sponsor Session


This is our cold reading of "M" is for Modernization – our sponsor session for MWLUG 2017 presented live in Alexandria, VA on August 9, 2017. This post will be replaced with the video of our presentation as soon as it's available. Download Podcast

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12 09, 2016

The Future Of Your Notes Data


Since I published my article Reading The IBM Tea Leaves just over a month ago we have been involved in a lot of discussions with customers and business partners about what happens next with Notes applications. There have also been significant discussion within the community following MWLUG, an event at which IBM allowed itself to get behind

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25 07, 2016

Co-Existence With Notes


In my last post I covered some of Red Pill's thinking as to why we recommend to our customers not to rush to migrate. Ultimately organizations will move away from Notes databases simply because IBM is showing no signs it has plans to invest any further in the platform and hence will eventually discontinue support. So the

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18 07, 2016

The Pitfalls of Migration


With IBM Notes and XPages having reached an apparent end of life most companies are now giving serious thought to what they do with their Notes applications. This usually leads to a serious consideration of migrating Notes applications to another database platform such as SQL, SharePoint, SalesForce, or Mongo DB. The future of Notes Data is perhaps the

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6 06, 2016

Beyond XPages


Early last year I did a presentation at several User Groups entitled "Beyond XPages". The presentation outlined an approach for building modern Web applications for Notes data that was not based upon XPages. We believe XPages has a shelf life of (at best) 5 years before companies will become very active in seeking to migrate to other development

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4 10, 2015

Is This Also A Dream of Notes’ Future?


At Dreamforce 2015 Salesforce.com and Microsoft came together to announce a number of initiatives to integrate their products and services.  This included a demonstration of SalesForce data being integrated into the Office Graph and then surfaced via Delve. Salesforce Integration with Office Graph and Office Delve: Enabled by the Office Graph, an open ecosystem for

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3 05, 2015

//Build/ Makes An Impact


At last week's Build conference in San Francisco we saw Microsoft create a vision of how it sees Modern Application Development . And I have to say it was a pretty compelling story. I have been critical of Microsoft in the past. I have long felt Microsoft trapped organizations into using a closed proprietary stack

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27 01, 2015

Why Verse Matters


Much of the buzz at ConnectEd has been centered around IBM Verse. I doubt this product will ever live up to the hype IBM is generating but it does have the potential to be very transformative for IBM. I didn’t fully understand this until attending the Leadership Alliance held as part of ConnectED earlier this

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14 01, 2015

Understanding Asymmetric Modernization


Over the past two years Red Pill Development has steadily evolved its non-traditional approach to modernizing large portfolios of Notes applications using what we call Asymmetric Modernization. This journey started while working on the Transformer technology at GBS. While technically brilliant, Transformer failed to meet the commercial goals of convincing people to use the

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